Somerby House, Somerby
Somerby House, Somerby

Open Countryside House Redevelopment by Keir Architecture

250% increase on the existing dwelling in an exposed and sensitive Lincolnshire Wolds site adjacent to the Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty – Somerby House, Somerby, Lincolnshire – Private Home Owner.

We excel in...

  • Getting you what you want from the planning process by daring to tread and think like few others do - "don’t simply take no as an answer". As much as it shouldn’t happen, local politics, negative mind sets and negative attitudes are so often at the root of why schemes these days are objected to and are refused at the local level. A well thought out and professionally argued Appeal Route by Keir Architecture Ltd can so often be the answer.
  • Getting you the most out of every square foot of both "site" and "internal dwelling floor space" to maximise your projects returns... be they "architectural" or "profit" driven.
  • Drawing on our multi discipline background and wealth of experience to produce well thought out and buildable schemes.
  • Solving awkward sites and development problems.
  • Gaining Residential Development in the open countryside through lateral approaches to the planning process.